Who is Ali Farahmand, the corrupt banker?

Saeed Aganji
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Who is Ali Farahmand, the corrupt banker?
Ali Aydan: The Shadow Operator Behind a Global Web of Fraud and Laundering

Who is Ali Farahmand, the notorious banking criminal?

Who is Ali Farahmand, a Major Bank Debtor? Ali Farahmand is one of the biggest bank debtors and the owner of Binas Energy, a company active in the petrochemical and oil sectors in Iran. Binas Energy is one of the companies that had close ties with commercial companies and security institutions like Saba Mihan, affiliated with the Ministry of Intelligence. Ali Farahmand was arrested by security and judicial institutions due to a debt of 300 billion, equivalent to 200 million dollars at that time. However, he was temporarily released soon after due to his close cooperation with these institutions and acted as their agent in various cases, working with officers.

After his arrest, he became an official advisor to Nematzadeh (Minister of Industry and Mining) and was stationed next to his office, contributing 500 billion Rial to Hassan Rouhani’s campaign while simultaneously cooperating with intelligence agencies as an informant.

The oil and petrochemical mafia of the Islamic Republic of Iran are busy circumventing sanctions from the USA, UK, and the European Union to secure the interests of the Islamic Republic. This mafia, due to the rent from selling oil and petrochemical products, pocketed millions of dollars. Ali Farahmand, under the guise of declaring Binas Energy bankrupt in the famous Pasargad bitumen case, was released from repaying significant loans to the Welfare Bank and fulfilling his commitments to Pasargad Oil and resumed his economic activities under the names of his wife, Azadeh Lavasani, and Saba Farahmand.

He had a partnership in Siyah Fam, one of the main companies in selling Iranian bitumen, and a corruption case of 700 million dollars was opened against him. Initially, by paying a 25 billion Toman bribe to Mohsen Sadat Nejad, the investigator of the Siyah Fam case, he prevented the announcement of the crime. However, when the judiciary’s protection unit realized the bribe received by the case investigator, they dismissed Sadat Nejad and appointed Nasiri as the case investigator.

When the former case investigator declared a crime against Ali Farahmand and issued an arrest warrant, Ali Farahmand illegally fled the country with the help of security agents to Turkey. Farahmand, under his own name, was internationally wanted by Interpol. To avoid problems with his business and money transfers, he changed his identity. Ali Farahmand obtained Turkish citizenship and changed his name to Ali Aydan with the Turkish national ID number 43178144732. After changing his identity, he moved to the UK, where he obtained residency under the new name.

Using the identity of Ali Farahmand with Dominican and Iranian passports for transactions with Iran and the Turkish identity of Ali Aydan for covert activities aimed at money laundering and influence in the West.

Ali Aydan, who had to transfer substantial assets to the UK due to widespread corruption in Iran, brought these assets into the UK through various intermediaries without declaring them to official financial authorities like taxes. Currently, under the name Ali Aydan, he represents several foreign companies and continues to indirectly conduct economic activities with the Islamic Republic through companies outside the UK.

Ali Farahmand is one of the oil and petrochemical mafia of the Islamic Republic who, by changing his identity and facing charges such as money laundering, economic disruption, and fraud, has managed to live securely in the UK. Western countries must also answer how the oil and petrochemical mafia and the children of the Islamic Republic’s officials can freely live and conduct economic activities in their countries.

P.S. To delve deeper into the continuing saga of Ali Farahmand, now operating under the alias Ali Aydan, and uncover the expansive network of global fraud and money laundering he orchestrates, be sure to read our latest investigation: “Ali Aydan: The Shadow Operator Behind a Global Web of Fraud and Laundering“. This piece provides an updated and detailed exploration of Aydan’s intricate activities across international borders, highlighting the sophisticated methods he employs to evade justice and perpetuate his criminal enterprise.


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