Abolfazl Ziaei Behind the Scenes of Institutional Corruption in the Judiciary

مدتی پیش ابوالفضل ضیایی رئیس اسبق حفاظت اطلاعات دادگستری تهران بازداشت و محکوم به زندان شد.

Saeed Aganji
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Abolfazl Ziaei behind the organized corruption in the judiciary

According to Iran Gate’s report, Abolfazl Ziaei is behind the organized corruption in the judiciary. Recently, the corruption case of several high-ranking officials in the judiciary became headline news. Abolfazl Ziaei and Mohammad Javad Rashidi, two high-ranking officials in the Islamic Republic’s judiciary, were arrested and imprisoned on charges of bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of their positions. Iran Gate has managed to access details of this case through its sources. We intend to publish these details, which include about fifty pages of interview documents, the investigation process, and other legal stages of the case.

This corruption case exposed the involvement of many lawyers and other officials of the judiciary, including prominent figures like Abbas Eiravani, one of the biggest faces of the oil and petrochemical mafia, and Mohammad Rostami Safa, one of the biggest banking criminals. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and billions of tomans were discovered and seized by the protection of the judiciary and the Ministry of Intelligence. Abolfazl Ziyaee threatened judges who refused to cooperate with him by fabricating cases and even kidnapped some of them to his villa in Lavasan, forcing them to comply with his demands through secret filming.

Abolfazl Ziaei Behind the Scenes of Institutional Corruption in the Judiciary
محمد رستمی صفا

The members of this organized network consist of lawyers, investigators, judges, and senior officials of the judiciary, with Abolfazl Ziyaee, the former head of the Information Protection Department of Tehran Judiciary, Mohammad Javad Rashidi, the former head of the Security Department of the Judiciary Protection, Parvin Ashrafpour, the responsible for operations of the Judiciary Protection and Information Department in Tehran Province, Hamid Ziaei Shojai, the founder of the Legal Rights Institute, and several lawyers such as Ghazal Barkhordar and Somayeh Jahaniyan.

عباس پوریانی و پورعبدالله
عباس پوریانی و پورعبدالله

Individuals like Mohammad Restami Safa and Abbas Iravani used to entrust their legal cases to Abolfazl Ziaei, who had connections and influence among investigators and judges, in order to conclude the cases or reduce the prison sentence and fines.

احسان مظفری
احسان مظفری

This organized group was arrested some time ago, but the details of the case and court documents, including the implementation of Abolfazl Ziaei’s wiretapping, which reveals the details of the case, have never been published.

However, intermediaries of Abolfazl Ziaei continue their corruption and smuggling activities within the judiciary, individuals like Abbas Pouryani, a judge of the Supreme Court, Mozaffari, the head of the Justice Judicial Complex, and the current judge of the Pourabdollah Court, the former head of the Justice Judicial Complex, are still engaged in corruption within the judiciary.


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