China demands an end to the harassment and abuse of ships in the Red Sea

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China demands an end to the harassment and abuse of ships in the Red Sea

China demands an end to harassment of ships in the Red Sea

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday emphasized the importance of the Red Sea in the transportation of goods and energy, and called for an end to the harassment of cargo ships in this route.

Mao Ning, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a press conference in Beijing on Friday, January 29, that the waters of the Red Sea are an important international trade route for the transportation of goods and energy.

Ms. Ning added that China seeks to end the obstruction of non-military ship movements in this route in order to maintain the smooth flow of the global supply chain and international trade order.

Referring to the recent visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Egypt and the discussions regarding China’s position on the Red Sea, she stated that Beijing believes that it should refrain from escalating tensions in this sea and increasing security risks in the entire region.


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