The newspaper of the Islamic Republic states that Iran’s economic problems do not have an economic solution

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The newspaper of the Islamic Republic states that Iran's economic problems do not have an economic solution

The Islamic Republic newspaper states that Iran’s economic problems have no economic solution.

Today’s editorial of the Islamic Republic newspaper focuses on the slogan of the year 1403, which is the production leap with people’s participation. In this editorial, we read about

The issues that officials have mentioned from the beginning of the year 1403 until today about the country’s situation have two parts: one part acknowledges the existence of economic problems, and the second part promises suitable measures to address them and presents solutions that lead to improvement in people’s lives.

Perhaps the most significant mistake of our officials is thinking that the country’s economic problems solely have an economic solution. This mindset is completely wrong and can lead officials into the trap of futility, which immobilizes them and does not allow them to solve the problems. Apart from the bitter reality that the weakness of economic managers and the senior officials’ reliance on incorrect statistics are also factors that trap them in this futility, even if these factors did not exist, the limited understanding of solutions to economic issues remains the main problem that keeps them stuck in this futile cycle.

The economic crisis in our country will only be resolved when officials understand that this crisis has a political solution. They need to set aside contractionary policies and adopt a policy of balance.


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